All Natural and
Green Products



We offer a number of natural, biodegradable choices in our "green" line of janitorial products, for safer, more environmentally-friendly cleaning. These products do not contain persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes, or phosphate/phosphonate residue. Make a positive difference in the environment, by starting with your own surroundings -- as we like to say, "Clean locally, act globally!" [Please note we offer more green cleaning options than are pictured here — we welcome your inquiries.]

  • Urgent Detergent
    Non-phosphate laundry detergent produces dazzling whites and brightens colors.
  • Magic Plus Laundry Powder
    For all heavy duty washes. Non-chlorinated.
  • Magic Plus Laundry Chlorinated
    Available by special order.
  • Odor Counteractant Discs
    Disc pads with decorative cover attach to any horizontal or vertical surface. Choice of 7 different fragrances.
  • Odor End Powder Carpet/Room Deodorizer
    Vacuum wet or dry. Non-toxic, anti-static, non-dusting formulation cleans and scents carpeting. Choice of 2 fragrances.
  • Orange Degreaser
    Cleaner made with natural, biodegradable materials removes all types of grease, dirt, wax and soils; also keeps sewer lines and grease traps open and odor free.
  • Quat-Amo Germicidal Disinfectant
    Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes - recommended for eating and drinking areas, hospital sanitation. Effective against a wide range of bacteria.
  • Sani-Cloth HB
    Germicidal disposable wipes are ideal for use in hospitals, doctors/dental offices, or wherever the risk of cross-contamination is present.
  • Ice & Snow Melt
    Pellets of self-generating heat melt ice faster; cannot flow or be walked away - over 35x faster than salt. Built-in protection against refreezing.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish Towels
    Shine and protect in one step. Premoistened with a powerful citrus-based solution that removes grime yet won't harm stainless steel; leaves a protective coating against water marks and corrosion.
  • Liquid Bowl Cleaner
    Instant action, odorless, industrial strength bowl cleaner.
  • Time Metered Sanitizers & Deodorizers
    Metered valve delivers an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Maximum deodorizing power with no ozone depleters.
  • Sure-Fire Stripper
    The strongest conventional butyl cleaner degreaser we make. Available in foaming and non-foaming. Performs successfully in dilutions up to 32:1.
  • Labor Saver Floor Wax
    Highly concentrated, applies easily and dries rapidly to a super high gloss. Soil resistant; will not yellow or powder.
  • Wood Cleaner and Polish Towels
    Combine all of the cleaning, dusting and protecting power of furniture polish with the ease of a one-step wipe. Will not leave behind oily residue or wax buildup.
  • CDC Instant Hand Sanitizer
    Kills 99.9% nine important pathogens (including MRSA) in less than 15 seconds. Helps comply with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. With aloe, vitamin E, and glycerin.
  • Cherry Liquid Reodorant
    Cleans and deodorizes. Use diluted 10:1, or spray full strength onto badly odorous surfaces.
  • Dazzle Window Cleaner
    Glass and anti-fog cleaner for glass and ceramic. No filming or smearing; helps prevent hazing of interior glass.
  • Disinfectant Wipes
    Clean, disinfect and deodorize any hard, non-porous surface. EPA-registered wipes are effective against E-coli and salmonella.
  • Odor-End® Dumpster FreshT Odor Counteractant
    Sprinkle granules into dumpster or waste container for powerful elimination of malodors. Contains citronella oil, a proven flying insect deterrent.
  • Liquid Reodorant
    Masks unpleasant odors on all types of surfaces, in cherry, lemon, pine or orange scent. Add to mop water or use alone.
  • Breath O'Spring Odor Counteractant
    Highly concentrated, non-toxic malodor counteractant. Can be used as a spray or an additive to rug shampoos, floor and wall cleaners, etc.
  • Frosty Dry Foam Rug and Upholstery Shampoo
    A neutral, fast-drying cleaner that will not brown or haze most fabrics. Mild odored product is suitable for use by hand or machine method on wool, cotton, and all types of synthetic carpeting.
  • Wall Mount Dispenser Cabinet
    For use with 32 oz pump bottle of hand sanitizer. Two-piece design allows quick replacement of used containers via a unique spring-loaded locking device that requires no key.
  • Dishwashing Agents
    Super Sparkle - Liquid formula excellent for hard water.
    Super Scoot - Truly all-purpose liquid for all types of washing/water conditions.
    Super Rinsal Dry - Contains an extra rinsing additive for extra sparkle.
    Magic Plus Dishwashing Powder - For all types of water, non-chlorinated formula performs as if water is chlorinated.
  • GensepticT Mousse Anti-Bacterial Safety Foam
    "Skin soft" degerming scrub is emollient enriched and dispensed as a foam. Full 70% ethyl alcohol formulation kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses, even in the presence of body fluids.
  • Glass Cleaner Towels
    Premoistened with a powerful ammonia-free formula, these towels quickly remove dust, dirt, oil, fingerprints and more from most surfaces, including tinted glass, mirrors and Plexiglas.
  • Hand Sanitizer Towels
    Immediately eliminate harmful microorganisms from the skin. One premoistened towel kills 99.9% of disease-causing microbes in only a few seconds; non-abrasive fabric leaves a wintergreen scent.
  • Heavy-Duty Deodorizing Towels
    Premoistened towels contain an extra-strength deodorizing formula. Simply tear a towel from the caniseter and put it in the provided Towel Case to freshen rooms with a pleasant aroma - towels work for weeks after placement.
  • Multi-Purpose Towels
    Pre-moistened, grease-cutting towels are specially designed for use on industrial equipment. Made from an abrasive yet non-scratching fabric; citrus-scented.
  • Kwik Crème Cleaner
    Non-acid, mildly ammoniated crème type cleaner for general soil and film removal on surfaces. Our top bathroom crème cleanser